Nano Mechanics and Engineering

The research group, working in Nano Mechanics and Engineering, is exploiting mechanics of materials and structures at various scales, and is involved in diverse analytical and experimental research towards developing greener and innovative construction materials. Presently, the research is focused on development of sustainable materials through engineering or tailoring the conventional materials at atomistic/nano level. At CSIR-SERC, analytical and experimental methodologies are being developed for synthesis and characterization of newly developed materials. Effectiveness of these materials are evaluated at structural level.

Area of Expertise (regarding technical services)

  • Atomistic simulations and multi-scale modeling of engineered cementitious composites
  • Micro-structural and mechanical characterization (fracture and fatigue behavior) of cementitious composites
  • Computational structural mechanics
  • Wave propagation and vibration based techniques for evaluation of state of material and structure
  • Structural health assessment, performance evaluation and strengthening of components/structures

Beneficiaries/Major Clients

Construction/cement industry, Railways and Highways, Bridge engineering departments, Infrastructure management industries

Technologies developed and/or patented

A smart carbon-cement composite is developed for assessing the stress state in structures. Further, an innovative composite is developed for detecting the water content in the concrete mix which will be extremely useful for construction industries. The same is being tested for various conditions.

Significant societal contribution

The team is establishing the scientific approach to design cement based composites from the atomic scale to the macro scale to attaining a desired property and is aimed to develop low cement concrete will have immense impact on environment and society. Further, the developed methods for evaluating state of material and structure would pave the way for effective structural health assessment which will avoid catastrophic failures, save public money, and facilitate for timely repair, as well.


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Nano Mechanics and Engineering
Nano Mechanics and Engineering
Nano Mechanics and Engineering