Computational Structural Mechanics


In assessing the safety margins of engineering structures, the ability to computationally predict structural and material failure is crucial. A prevalent form of structural failure is due to emergence of strongly localized or discontinuous deformations, for example in form of cracks or shear bands. A powerful analytical method /a numerical method will be employed to analyse the range of problems under various loading scenarios by considering several micro details.

CSIR – SERC has gained expertise in the domain of computational structural mechanics over the years by carrying out research that i) extends the frontiers of computational mechanics at the conceptual and applied levels, ii) underpins cutting edge applied research in structural engineering, and iii) provides novel modelling solutions for engineering practice.

Following are some of the major research activities carried out in the domain of computational structural mechanics

  • Impact failure analysis of concrete structural components using generalized concrete damage model
  • XFEM methodologies for crack growth analysis and remaining life prediction of metallic structural components
  • Determination of fracture energy and the corresponding constitutive relationship for various concretes
  • Numerically integrated MVCCI technique for fracture analysis of plates and stiffened panels
  • Computational modelling of RC structures using damage mechanics concept
  • Analytical tool to predict the crack width in RC structural members
  • Time dependent nonlinear behaviour of RC structures
  • Damage evolution model for predicting local and global behaviour of RC structures
  • Ultimate strength evaluation and remaining life assessment of corroded RC structures
  • Methodologies for damage tolerant evaluation of aircraft components under constant and variable amplitude loading
  • Evaluation of loss of prestress of a novel externally prestressed concrete end block by finite element analysis
  • Structural integrity assessment of a concrete island using seismic soil-structure interaction analysis

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Computational Structural Machines
Computational Structural Machines
Computational Structural Machines